ISTF Mission:

To facilitate and promote sharing of best practices for the effective management, protection, and equitable and ecologically sustainable use of tropical forests and natural resources in the tropical and subtropical regions across the globe.

ISTF Objectives:

1. Act as a center to communicate information about professional activities and tropical forest-related issues, in order to promote understanding of tropical forestry and sustainable land use practices.

2. Recruit members from throughout the world, especially from tropical countries, and create a global online community of people interested in tropical forest science, protection, conservation, management, and policy.

3. Promote research and dissemination of scientific knowledge among tropical foresters, researchers, policy and decision makers, and community members.

4. Inform and advocate for international and local public policies and best practices that affect tropical forest science, conservation, and management.

5. Cooperate and collaborate with government, non-government, academic, and private sector organizations, agencies, and research centers, in order to promote the development and implementation of equitable and ecologically sustainable land use practices that value and conserve tropical forests.

6. In every aspect of its mission, vision, and activities, respect diversity in all its cultural, religious, economic, personal, and other manifestations.

Danilo Chiari, biologist, walks through a Panamanian forest, c. Matt Stirn, Photographers without Borders, Azuero Eco Foundation