ISTF Chapters 9-2020

In addition to the global ISTF network, members form chapters to connect at a local level. Chapters can represent an institution, local or national formation of members that are interested in connecting in person about local issues. 

Current chapters include:

  • North Carolina State University: The NCState ISTF chapter has had frequent activities over the years. See their facebook page in the link above.
  • Rwanda: The Rwandan chapter of ISTF, formed in 2019, has held webinars and activities. See their twitter page in the link above.
  • Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies: The Yale ISTF chapter is ISTF’s longest standing active chapter, and hosts an annual conference at the end of January and beginning of February. See their webpage above.
  • Mexico: Year formed – 2020
  • India: Year formed – 2020
  • Nepal: Year formed – 2020
  • Nigeria: Year formed – 2020


Image: BlankMap-World.png in the Public Domain; modified by SE Ward 2020